Everyone has a treasure trove of family memories tucked away somewhere. It may be a card, a photograph, or even a thought. Some memories bring back a time, a place or a person. Some people have good stuff to remember, others choose or try to forget things in their past for whatever reason.

This story is about the memory of a photo, some medals and a newspaper clipping. For me, the story of this website started over 40 years ago, it was a small glimpse of something that was indelibly imprinted on my memory.

As the years went by I collected the information and learnt more about my great grandmother’s family, the Perkins family from Bowral and Leichhardt, NSW, Australia.

Living in Canberra, Australia’s capital, provided the vehicle for filling in the “blanks” from a military perspective, and going to Bowral, only and hour and half drive from Canberra, has helped me understand a little more about the Perkins family.

In my job, helping people on the web has its upsides and downsides, you get involved helping other people get to where they want to go with either a website or an online shopping store, however, the consequences mean you get limited opportunities to work on your own projects.

Somewhere in the busyness of life and three annual holidays, I’ve managed to finally release this site.

There are a lot of people to thank who have assisted me in the development of this site. You can find them here at this page.

This site will be updated as more information comes to light; more records, more associations and when more content is available to fill in the blanks.

Check out the page on how to participate with this site.

To get started in learning about Claude’s story, follow this link to the “The Story Page”


Chris Mundy

Canberra 2014

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