Anzac Day 2015

Today we had the privilege of participating in the Anzac Day 2015 march at Balmain, NSW. The Balmain march represented places within the Leichhardt City Council.

Our purpose for attending Anzac Day 2015 at Balmain was to represent the Perkins family from Leichhardt, in particular remembering Edward Claude Perkins, 4503 17th Battalion, 11th reinforcements and his sacrifice.

Claude as he was known, is my great-grandmothers brother, my great-uncle.

Claude is recognised as one of Australia’s boy soldiers of the First World war, enlisting at the age of 15.

I had the opportunity to march in the group representing descendants while Annette my wife and our two eldest daughters looked on as supporters.

Considering Sydney had widespread storms in the days leading up to Anzac Day, the day awoke to blue skies and light fluffy clouds, providing the perfect backdrop for the march and service.

I was surprised how many people turned up to support and march in the parade being led by the Malaysian SIKH Pipe Band. I met many people who were there for the same reasons as me.

After the ceremony, we had some breakfast and headed out to visit Leichhardt Pioneer’s Memorial Park to lay a wreath to remember Claude and all the boys and men who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

We then gave the girls a tour of the key points of family history around Leichhardt.

After Leichhardt we visited Rookwood Cemetery to visit the grave site of Claude’s parents and the inscription placed on their headstones remembering Claude.




Image of Rookwood Cemetery memorial for EC Perkins

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About this site

Image of Rookwood Cemetery memorial for EC Perkins

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