The Story

This is where you start reading the story of Edward Claude Perkins, Claude. The story is about his short life and his involvement in the Australian Imperial Forces (AIF) in the First World War.

The story will help you understand:

  • Where Claude was born and where he grew up,
  • The First World War and how he would have enlisted,
  • His preparation and journey to France,
  • What happened to Claude on the front line,
  • What happened to Claude’s family after their loss,
  • Recognition for Claude’s military service,

Claude’s story begins here

Click on one of the links below to follow Claude’s story. 

How to read Claude’s Story

As a commemorative site it has lots of information. You won’t get through it in one read.

Here are the tips for reading the story:

  • Each page will have the story, images and links to reference sites
  • Print page buttons are found at the bottom right of the screen, this means you can print out a page or turn it into a PDF or send it as an email
  • To enlarge the page using a Windows computer use the keyboard commands Ctrl + on and Apple computer use Command +
  • The site is also designed to be read on mobile devices.
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EC Perkins 4503, AIF