Image of the Perkin's memorial for Claude, Rookwood Cemetery, NSW

Time for a site refresh

The EC Perkins 4503 website has been a labour of love since 2011. The last time the site was refreshed was prior to 25 Anzac Day 2015. There has been a number of changes in relation to the links that the site has provided to other resources domestically and globally. It has also raised the … Read More

Image of Kristen, Chris and Katelyn at Balmain, Anzac Day 2015 -

Anzac Day 2015

Today we had the privilege of participating in the Anzac Day 2015 march at Balmain, NSW. The Balmain march represented places within the Leichhardt City Council. Our purpose for attending Anzac Day 2015 at Balmain was to represent the Perkins family from Leichhardt, in particular remembering Edward Claude Perkins, 4503 17th Battalion, 11th reinforcements and … Read More

Image of Chris Mundy's Pinterest Gallery on the First World War

My World War 1 Pinterest Board

Here are some pictures of my World War 1 Pinterest Board. I’ve been using my World War 1 Pinterest Board for some time putting together images from World War 1 that are relevant to the period and time for this site It’s a mixture of photographs, videos, posters and signage. It’s interesting to note … Read More

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