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Genesis Framework

Check out the Genesis Framework

This site is built on one of the best frameworks on web, the Genesis Framework.

The Genesis Framework provides:

  • Security to your WordPress design
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Automatic Updates
  • Out of the box glorious designs
  • The ability to customise the design
  • A great support team and forum for advice and support

I’ve used the Genesis Framework for our designs since 2008.

Check out their site for example designs and showcase.

WP Hosting

As this is an Australian focused site, I needed a great and reliable hosting service in Australia. WP Hosting was my first choice. I’ve met Alan from WP Hosting at WordCamp 2011 which was invaluable for me making my decision.

I am more than happy with their services. Click the image to go to their site.

Your Web Presence

This is my company where you can hire me for developing your online presence:

Ask yourself this question – “If you want to grow your business online to connect with your customers, would you build just a website or would you build a web presence?”

A web presence is more than just a website!

It can be one or more places such as a web site, a blog, an online store, a podcast, a video channel, a social network, a short messaging service, a forum or a review. It’s anywhere online where you can be found.

A web presence is more than just a website, it’s the sum of all your online activities working together to help you grow your business.

  • Web Architecture
  • Web Design
  • Web Implementation
  • e-Commerce
  • Social engagement
  • First World War research (of-course)

Go to Your Web Presence  or contact me directly below.

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